When you reach retirement age, the big question is  how do you claim your pension fund.  You may have one pension plan or may have a number of pensions from different sources and may be unsure as to how to  proceed.

At Coughlan Consultants LTD we are experts at processing retirement claims.  This is one of the main facets of our business and we have a depth of experience in planning this stage of your retirement planning.  The features of our service include:

  • An Initial client meeting to ascertain which pension or pensions you wish to claim benefits on.  These can include Personal Pensions, PRSAs, Employer Plans (Current and Previous) and Executive Pension Plans.  In addition to this, we will discuss your personal circumstances. We will also determine from this meeting if you wish to opt for a tax free lump sum with a portion of your fund.
  • Liaising  with all pension companies on your behalf.  This includes obtaining retirement options for all plans.  This may also include investigating plans from outside of this jurisdiction or searching for retained benefits that you do not have information on.  We will also be able to determine how much tax free cash you can take from their pension plans.
  • Presenting you with all of your retirement options and discussing their merits.
  • Implementing your preferred course of action on your behalf while ascertaining  that the retirement option chosen is fully in line with Revenue guidelines.
  • Advising you on the best product provider for you.  As Financial Advisers, we deal with a number of the post retirement product providers and will recommend the best Approved Retirement Fund (ARF), Approved Minimum Retirement Fund (AMRF) or Annuity to you based on the rate, fund choice, charging structure and service levels of each option.
  • Offering the client an annual review of their post retirement plans.  This is especially important when an ARF or AMRF is chosen.  We are also available to answer any client queries during the policy term.