Income Protection Cover pays you an on-going income in the event of you being unable to work due to illness or accident.  This gives you and your dependents great financial security should you be unable to work.

The Features of Income Protection Include:

  • You can cover up to 75% of your income less any social welfare benefit that you are entitled to while ill.
  • Income Protection payments commence after a deferred period.  You will decide on the deferred period that you wish to opt for at application stage.  This deferred period will be determined by how long your employer will pay your income for while you are out on sick leave.
  • If your illness is long term, Income Protection payments continue until you are fit to return to work or until you reach retirement age.  Your retirement age is determined by you at application stage.
  • You can only take out Income Protection if you are in full time work or are self employed and earn an income.
  • Your Income Protection plan premiums are fully tax deductible at your marginal tax rate.
  • One of our main product providers paid out Income Protection claims totalling €61.8 million in 2018.  The average age of the individual claiming was 46.