Do you have funds in a deposit account and are not happy with the return?  Have you recently acquired a lump sum?  Do you wish to commence making regular savings?

At Coughlan Consultants LTD, we can offer you a tailored solution for you Savings and Investment needs.  We offer advice on the following product types:

  • Lump Sum Investment
  • Regular Savings Plans
  • Child Savings Plan
  • Corporate Investments

When deciding on a savings or investment product the following must be taken into account:

  • Your attitude to risk.  We will complete a risk assessment report with you to ascertain your attitude to risk.  This is very important when deciding which fund you should invest in as it indicates what level of risk you are comfortable with.
  • Your personal circumstances.  These will be recorded on our factfind.  This is important as we need to ascertain if you need to have access to your funds, if you cannot afford to take any risk with your funds or if you need access to them by a particular date.  In relation to regular savings we need to ascertain how much you can afford to save on a monthly basis.
  • Do you have any income requirements and what are your future capital requirements.
  • Ongoing Review.  It is very important to review your Investment portfolio on a regular basis.  Your attitude to risk may change over time as can the economic environment.

At Coughlan Consultants LTD we aim to offer you ongoing Savings and Investment advice that best balances risk with return.  The taxation implications of all products are clearly outlined.  As we are agents for a number of the main product providers we can advise you on the best product available in the market place for your particular circumstances.