Life Cover – Financial Security For Your Family

Life Cover is insurance that pays out a specific lump sum on the untimely death of the life assured.

The untimely death of the main wage earner or the main home maker in a household can lead to huge financial hardship for those left behind. Life Cover ensures that your next of kin would be financially secure without you.

At Coughlan Consultants LTD, we can offer you advice on the best life cover plan for you.  When considering life cover the following needs to be taken into account:

  • Your personal circumstances.  Do you have dependents?
  • What do you need life cover for?  It is for family protection, business protection, loan requirement or inheritance planning?
  • Type of plan for your circumstances.  What term do you need. Do you need indexation or a conversion option?
  • How much life cover do you need?
  • Which provider is offering you the best premium for your life cover?
  • What is your medical history?  This may determine the chosen life cover provider

Life Cover needs to be reviewed regularly throughout your life time.  You may need different levels of life cover at different times and you do not want to have insufficient life cover in the event of an untimely death or you do not want to be paying for life cover that is not needed.

We review all of our clients’ files on an annual basis and assessing our clients’ life cover needs is one of the features of this review.