Where Are My Pension Plans  –  We Can Help

There are millions of euros in unclaimed pension funds in Ireland today.  We frequently meet clients who have pension plans here or abroad that they do not have any details on.  They are often unsure of how to proceed with obtaining plan details or of how to draw down their retirement benefits from these plans.  These plans are often retained benefits in previous employer plans where the employer no longer exists, has changed names or has left the country.

We have the experience and industry knowledge to deal with most of these queries.  We will acquire a letter of authority from you and will go in search of your pension plans in your name here and abroad.  The more information you can provide us with the easier our search will be and any of the following will help:

  • Your Date of Birth & PPS Number
  • Your Address and details of previous addresses
  • Dates when you worked with the employers that you may have a plan with
  • Any documentation, old or new, that you may have in relation to any previous pension plans.
  • If the pension is in the UK, your UK National Insurance Number